I used to think

That there arecheerleaders and there are artkids. And then I realized that’sreally silly and sometimes youfeel like a cheerleader andsometimes you feel like an artkid, and there’s a part of every-one that feels lonely or like anoutcast. The idea that feelingconfident and feeling misunder-stood are mutually exclusivereally bugs me. So a lot of whatRookie is about is just showingthat you can be both and youcan like whatever you want.

Tavi Gevinson

Why Not Me?The Tavi Gevinson Story

At the age of 12, Tavi Gevinson started a fashion blog called Style Rookiethat started catching the attention of many followers. During the next threeyears he started refocusing her blog towards pop culture and women’stopics.She is now the Editor –in

Chief for the online magazine Rookie that isgeared towards teenage girls. Tavi was awarded for being”The 25 MostInfluential Teens of 2014″ by
magazine and is continuing on being inthe spot light by acting and singing, as well as becoming a successful au-thor. All before the age of 25. Now THAT’S impressive!

What it takes

This is a true testament to taking on the challenge of being yourself, nomatter what. Once you dig deep to figure out what gets you excited aboutliving and what your interests are research ways to take those ideas, tal-ents, and gifts to the next level.

Why not you

These success stories are not fairy tales. They are true stories of youngpeople who do great htings at an early age, and it IS possible for YOU tobe one of these success stories showcased here in SHINE! You musttruly believe that you are talented and able to achieve everything you setyour mind to. Dare to be bold enough to reach for your dreams…Dare tobe brave enough to start now!

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My vision as a young professional and entrepreneur is to empower our community’s youth and young adults to walk boldly in their passions…It’s important for us to realize that it does not matter where you come from, or don’t come from…its about where you’re going!

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