Changing lives one youth at a time

Once you make the commitment to volunteer with Hearts on Fire we will work with you to determine the best placement for you and walk you through the application, background check, and training process.

Complete a Volunteer interest form and email the completed form to girlsheartsonfire@gmail.com with Subject: Volunteer Opportunity.

Volunteer Opportunities

In-School Program

Meets 1-2 times a week on the school campus for 1.5 hrs. Mon-Thurs
facilitate Hearts On Fire program curriculum and activities

Mentoring Statistics:

​Making A Measurable Difference

Mentoring Statistics: Making A “Measurable” Difference

National studies have shown that mentoring programs decrease:

  •  Illegal drug use by 46%
  • Alcoholic consumption by 27%
  • School truancy by 53%

Mentored Students:

  • Increase their grades by 59%
  • Increase their aspirations and goals by 79%

National studies have shown that mentoring programs decrease:

  • 98% of the youths paired with mentors stayed in school
  • 85% of youths who had a mentor did not use drugs
  • 98% of teens matched with mentors avoid teen pregnancy
  • 98% of youth paired with mentors avoided gang activity